Rockhopper Vintage was a curated vintage webstore and showroom in Copenhagen. Based on the golden eras of Americas style, Rockhopper Vintage has the true vintage collection you would not normally see in this part of the World. Such collections include 1940’s WW2 military, iconic denim & western wear of the 50’s, leather jackets, Korean War flight jackets, 60’s & 70’s Vietnam-era OG-107 and much much more.

  • Some items are referred to as “dead stock” or “NOS” (new old stock), meaning that the item is old, but has never been used. 
  • We do our best to describe all flaws and imperfections, but all garments are used or at least old, and may therefore have marks/staining/discoloration etc. Deadstock items can have marks from storage. 
  • We measure all garments by hand, so please take note that all measurements are approximately. 
  • We do our best to take the best pictures we can. Lighting can be difficult with some items, and may not capture the color as it is in real life. Please always read the description. All pictures are of actual items - We do not use stock photos.
  • We have great knowledge with US made military and denim garments and do a thorough research on all items before listing them.  
  • We take pride in good customer service and strive for best feedback. We have many years of experience in retail and menswear.
  • Our logo with the rockhopper penguin is inspired by WWII nose art and the Disney Goes To War cartoons and drawings, with the classic Disney characters on patches of flight jackets. Logo is made by danish cartoonist Kim Svarer
  • Please ask us any questions you might have about fit, condition, fabric, washing etc. - leave us an email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.